WP 2017


001/2017. Women and science: discrimination, stereotypes and biases Marta Macho-Stadler

002/2017The methodology by projects: innovation from tradition. Eva Gonzalo y Sara Lafuente

WP 2016


004/2016. Sacred time space Ritual for planting corn in the cognitive-sensitive system náhuatl. Issa Albero Corona Miranda 

005/2016The greek humanism influence in christian humanism of Clement of Alexandria (2nd and 3rd century a.C). Arturo Mota Rodríguez

006/2016. Analogical Hermeneutic applied to Teaching: Some preliminary considerations. Francisco José Francisco et al.

007/2016. The use of statistical software in social research: the risk of giving preference to the methodological tool over the research problem. Milton Aragón.

008/2016. The inclusion of Diversity and interculturalism as knowledge by professional training of psychologists María del Rosario López Villegas 


WP 2011


001/2011. Inmigración y Mercado Laboral En Castilla y León. Jesús A. Valero Matas

002/2011. Theorical thoughts about the cyborg on society. Alba Mª Gómez Sánchez

003/2011. Mobilization of knowledge in professional work situationTelmo H Caria