Peer review policy

All the works published in the CEASGA, before they are published, to be peer reviewThis one guarantees the quality of the published manuscripts. The process followed by the CEASGA publishing house for the acceptance all the works is as follows:


1. After receiving the manuscripts, the Editorial Board is responsible for assessing if it is in line with the publisher's policy.

2. If so, two reviewers are selected experts in the subject of the investigation to which we send this research.

3. In the peer review, the identity of the reviewers is not revealed to the authors, and the authors are unaware of the identity of the authors of the manuscript. In this way confidentiality is preserved by both parties and the evaluation of the investigation can be done in a neutral manner.

4. Subsequently, the reviewers will send to the publisher the report in which they will record the results of the evaluation: work that is publishable , publishable with modifications or not published .

5. Next, based on the reports received, the Editorial Board will decide whether or not to publish the manuscript.

6. The result obtained will be emitted to the author: acceptedaccepted including the modifications recommended by the reviewers or rejectedThe authors will receive the justified reasons for the decision taken, as well as the reviewers' reports.

7. If modifications are necessary, the manuscript will be evaluated again to verify that the proposed clarifications were made. If they have been made, the acceptance is favorable. If you have not done them, you will be rejected definitively.

8. In case of rejection of the manuscript, or disagreement with any of the reviewers' reports, the authors may state their disagreement duly explained.